Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Break

June was one hell of a month but I am grateful for being alive and honestly happy I had the experience, my life was a complete mess and things didn’t go as I planned earlier this year but look who got her life changed, THIS GIRL let me tell you a little story.

Last year I accumulated a lot of debt due to returns, bad reviews, I had to take a whole month off to really tackle the issue, I eventually did and things seemed normal again PS always take time off to work on any issues, I came back, business was moving again till about 3 months ago, I made a bulk order and 99.9% were terrible, OMG I felt so miserable and I thought what could be going on, I spoke to my staff, I asked him does he need a time off? Am I overworking him? Is he going through anything personal? Does he need my help in any way? He said no then I asked why he keeps making mistakes, he explained to me that sometimes the materials aren’t good and he always try his best to make them good, that really caught my attention and I told him thank you and marched to the market, I had a heart to heart conversation with my supplier and he felt really bad and told me he will change his supplier as well, my next market day was a delight, I felt the quality and I was happy, every order made from the new material was highly appreciated, I was happy, slowly I began to pay off my debt and that really made me happy.

Purpose of this story : Never be afraid to ask questions, for help, never be afraid to take a break, don’t be mad when heavily criticized ( it’s painful but really effective ), don’t be afraid to speak your mind and finally always try your possible best to make sure you give people their money worth.

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