Growth And Gratitude

Life sometimes plays tricks on us, you begin to question your existence, I won’t lie I’ve done it A LOT, I’ve cried, thought the universe was against me, I’ve resented my friends for not supporting me, I’ve gotten jealous of other people’s success story and I even went as far as comparing myself to others.

It’s true what they say “Comparison is a joy killer”

While I was sulking, I didn’t realize I was hurting myself more, I was stagnant and I wasn’t making progress in my life, yes I was working hard but I wasn’t happy while working, I still felt I wasn’t good enough or doing anything well at all, I questioned a lot of things, friendships and all.

I was thinking oh my youngest friend is going for her masters and I am not even done with my 1st degree, I started thinking and worrying again, crying and asking God why, lol very silly!

I had to sit out away from home, away in a very expensive fancy restaurant, ordered a glass of red wine(I do not take alcohol, I was even surprised at my ORDER), I sat in the darkest corner and thought about my life, my progress and growth, while I was busy comparing myself and saying “God when” I failed to realize that I’ve grown so much, i wasn’t where I use to be and that moment I snapped out of my annoying state and I stood up, went out for some fresh air, in all honesty I couldn’t believe I had such thoughts in me, I’m one to never get pressured by anything or anyone.

I went back in to place my food order, had some of the food and shortly I begin to think about how far I’ve come and how well I’ve GROWN!

I decided to start showing more gratitude than complaining and comparing myself to people! And if I’m being honest, things have changed dramatically and for that I am grateful.

.I’ve forgiven alot of mistakes and people, cause forgiveness is the first step to healing,I’m so happy I could comfortably share this blog post.

I am grateful for life, for friends and family.

Enjoy life one day at a time, you can’t change your life in a day but you can one day at a time.

It’s okay to feel this things but never let them have the best of you.

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  1. Hey J! I think this post should be so hyped because over the years I have come to realize that as humans, we usually aren’t thankful enough… Often times we are too busy worrying about what we do not know and/or see that we take no notice of what’s right under our noses… Well said girl! Instead of worrying about lost battles even before they are fought, continue to celebrate small victories!

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