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Korean Dramas I’m Currently Enjoying

Welcome back to yet another K drama blog post!I’m sure by now most of you already know I’m a huge kdrama fan and I love how beautiful their story lines are, although some are too cheesy and some are really relatable , I will be sharing my new faves!


This is still in cuts and I’m not sure I can write now my feelings about this drama yet! But I’m such a huge fan of Park Bo-Young 언니 she was super cute in Strong woman and that made me so in love and happy to see this drama she’s in .


This one drama really got me in my feels and I’m beginning to believe in super naturals (well I’ve always believed in supernatural) I love how they Incorporated love in this very serious thrilling drama!

My overall favorite and I can’t wait for the latest episode


Park Min-young 언니 is such a vibe!I love allllllllll her drama, to me she can never do wrong! 네 네 네 I said IT! she’s so good at what she does and I Stan!

Oppa was so lovely as well!I like how he changes from the mean and serious boss to an adorable boo.

This drama makes me want to fall in love and love so deeply! I also love the supporting actors and actresses, they are all so funny and cute, life is really hard right now and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while!

I honestly love the directing of this drama and well done to the amazing cast and crew.

Are you kdrama fan like me?

Have you seen these Dramas?

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