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In my just concluded question tag on instagram, someone asked me to write an article on HOW TO START A BUSINESS, there isn’t a perfect way to go about it but I will try to share some tips on how I started my business and how I kept it growing, I’ve been the Creative Director for Renaissance By Janet for 4 years, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, lessons and growth.

Growing a business means being consistent, things NEVER go as planned so it’s safe to say business is a 50/50 chance, you have to understand that at first when I mean at first, I mean the first 2 years, you might not be getting the revenue you expect, there will be returns, complains and alot of mistakes.

Mistakes happen alot in business but finding the solution to it is what’s very important, now let’s talk about common mistakes to avoid when starting a business, I will spilt this topic in segments so don’t worry there are alot to learn from me or in business generally.

DISCLAIMER: This is from my perspective as a brand owner, it might not happen to you.

EXPECTATIONS : Don’t be “too” expectant in business, it’s okay to be expectant but don’t be too expectant cause too much expectations will lead to disappointment!

DON’T USE INFLUENCERS : Now this is something I keep telling people not to do, don’t use influencers just yet for your brand, it’s still in baby stage and spending too much money isn’t advisable for a beginner, you will loose especially when your expectations wasn’t surpassed.

DON’T GET INVESTORS : I have a very personal and heartbreaking story about this, getting an investor as a beginner is a terrible idea! I had an investor and it was hell,it was a terrible experience for me, I had hope that I will get alot of orders, sales and all of that but things didn’t go as planned, it was a disaster and it was one of my biggest mistake ever, I was in agony, I didn’t make much and every little penny I made was sent to the investor, I wasn’t making a dime for myself and it was hell! This story will be continued much much later in another post, but if you must get an investor, be sure to have a lawyer and a signed agreement and stick to it.

DON’T GET A LOAN : I can’t stress this enough, getting a loan shouldn’t be on your mind, you will be tired and stressed out! Work with what you have and trust me you will make more than you think.

These are the DON’TS, I will be sharing the DOS much later.

Feel free to send me messages of any questions you might have, the comment section is the fastest way for me to respond.

Do you run your own business? How are things going? Let me down below in the comment section.

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    1. Hello, the most important thing to do as a beginner is to know what you want to sell or engage in, don’t just pick something cause it’s everywhere, pick something you know so much about, and make sure you do your best research on it.

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