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I’m sure alot of you are tired of my many apologises, but still I will! I am so sorry for going away for too long but it was for a good cause, I went out working on my new collection.

Some of you may not know this, Renaissance By Janet is a Made in Nigeria Brand for Millennials and Minimalist, they are all beautifully made and materials are sorted locally here in Lagos Nigeria, it’s always refreshing when I create with my team, I am super proud of my creation and I’m ready to show the world that #Madeinnigeria isn’t just an Hashtag it’s a movement.

I can’t wait to you all to see them, I’ve curated some photos down below for your viewing pleasure…

Have you read this post about why I love flatlay photos?

If you’d like to place can order, kindly tap here, shipping is worldwide via DHL.

My goal is to make #Madeinnigeria known worldwide and accepted!

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  1. WoW! These are so beautiful and depict an interestingly deep level of creativity… You have done great dear and I believe your dream of making #MadeinNigeria known and accepted worldwide ll come through sooner than you expect… Welldone girl!

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