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Why Is My Heart Still Beating?


Hello everyone

Welcome back Kdrama fans, as most of you all know Romance Is a Bonus Book has officially ended and my heart is till aching, I loved every second of that drama and Yes the fashion!!! But before that let’s discuss what the drama actually taught us and why we should try to amend some of our attitudes…

I actually started watching this drama cause a friend of mine was talking about it on her IG story and I’ve always loved the male lead from Pinocchio, he’s so adorable and pretty, I also admired old faces like Jung Yoo-jin, I love her acting and her fashion, whoever her stylist is, he or she is so creative and organized.

The drama taught me quite alot of things and I will try to list a few

  • Everyone is going through something you know nothing of, so be kind at least.
  • Always call or text to check on your friends, you don’t know how happy they might be to receive your calls or texts.
  • Don’t be scared to share your pain cause problems shared is half solved.
  • Remember no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, accept your faults, apologize and move on, don’t dwell in the past.
  • Jealousy will never take you anywhere, so be open-minded and be full of love.
  • Again always make time for the ones you love, no matter how busy you are.
  • Never be afraid to walk away from pain or anything that isn’t good for you.
  • Don’t be scared of change or love, let the universe do it thing.
  • Hard work pays at the end, don’t be afraid of starting all over

Another favorite from the drama is definitely this man right here, I love his facial expressions and how handsome he is, I might be in love 😉

Life sometimes plays tricks on us, so live in the moment and have no regrets, no one is perfect and everyone is fighting on battle or another, take all the time you need if need be and don’t be AFRAID to start all over.

✊🏾 fighting ✊🏾

That’s all for today guys come back on Monday for another Kdrama post.

Do you watch Kdrama? What do you think about this particular one? Are you emotional about my list, do you feel you need to do anything on the list?

Please feel free to comment down below.

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