Why I love Flatlay So Much…

Hello everyone 🎊

I’ve missed you all so much, I apologize for my absence, my blog recently turned 4 and that makes me super happy and thankful to every single one of you for your love and support you’ve shown me, I appreciate you all.

If you follow me on instagram Ekpo Janet you’d know I’m a huge fan of Flatlay photography, as you all know I’m a Self Taught Mobile Photographer and creating flatlays photos has helped me improve alot on my photography skills.

If you ask me, Flatlay photography is the most easiest way to improve on your skills and possibly learn alot, I love Flatlay photography alot because it helps me learn and understand some photography terms, trust me you will understand once you begin this journey.


How to snap a Flatlay Photo :

  1. Get inspired.
  2. Pick a theme (what are you trying to depict?).
  3. Use a very clean and simple background.
  4. You can choose to add an inscription on the images or not.
  5. Shoot under natural lighting (it helps editing more easy).
  6. Pay attention to shadows.
  7. Decorate the background or scene however you like and create magic.

Let me tell you a story on how I got this photo, I was walking home from the market and I saw this leaves everywhere on the floor so I stopped to pick one, went home and took a lot of photos, I wasn’t satisfied till I got the one above, moral of this story, Keep going, keep creating till you find the one you truly love.

I thrifted the glasses and I plucked the flowers from my backyard and I honestly love the outcome.

A flatlay photo should be simple and easily understood without too much going on.

Remember a Flatlay photo can be anything you like, don’t be afraid to show off your creativity.

keep learning, keep creating and get better…


5 thoughts on “Why I love Flatlay So Much…”

  1. Yassss girl. This is so good. Love this so much. Definitely want to improve on my photography and now I know just the girl to help me through it.

  2. You’re just great!! Baby girl. I admire your strength & perseverance. It’s such that everyone around you is forced to be drawn to it! Fuck the rest of the world! You’re AMAZING they’re just the insane ones!
    I LOVE YOU!!!

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