You Owe Yourself a Success Story

Hello everyone, welcome back, wow it’s been a minute right? I’m so sorry for the absence, I had a take a break to work on my writing and photography skills, like most of you already know, I’m learning Korean(Hangul) and it’s been fun, I will add a link of my best YouTube channels to learn.

Like the title of this post says, “You owe yourself a success story” when I took a break to revamp things I realized no one reached out to ask why I haven’t been posting content (not to say they are bad people) it simply means no one cares RIGHT NOW because you aren’t influencing them yet or doing anything extra ordinary.

You owe it to yourself to succeed, no one will give you the accolades unless you prove you truly deserve it, learn to take a break and restrategize and come back better than before.

All photos are from Renaissance By Janet

Learning Hangul from Korean Unnie and Seemile

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  1. Thank you so much for this J! My channel has been going through this for a while now: Me going off and trying to work things out… I really needed this. Thanks again maami!

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