A Quick Visit To Black Olive

Black Olive is only 2 months old and I got the privilege to be the first blogger to visit says our waiter.

It is located at No 63 Awolowo Way Ikoyi Lagos.

It was a bit difficult to locate this restaurant, my taxify driver and I became frustrated for a while then I thought to give them a call for better description, it’s beside Bukka Hut and the building is Grey/Harsh.

I fell in love when I go there, if you go there, you will understand, it’s a minimalist dream, I’m so sorry I didn’t snap the building, it was raining, but going in was even so much cooler, beautiful interior design and oh there’s a VIP section inside, although the indoor wasn’t so bright for photos, we had to improvise and by improvise I mean we had to carry our food to a different table to get a good lighting.

The parking space isn’t so big but it can fit few cars, I think the building is soundproof, we couldn’t hear a sound when we were inside and it’s so hard not to because it’s directly on ikoyi busiest road AWOLOWO.

I had the Spaghetti and meatballs which I’ve never had and it tasted so damn good, Zeezat said its better to eat it while it’s hot so you can enjoy it more, it cost N4800 and I had a glass of Orange juice which cost N700 along with a black of 50cl water for N650

Azeezat had the Tempura Sprimps which cost N3800 and a glass of Arrogant Frog Meriot Glass of wine which cost N2500, if you ask me, Black olive is a bit pricey, the portion is small as well but one good thing is, the VAT and ICT was 5% each, no service charge.

See you in my next one ♥️

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