Never Too Late

Have I said Happy New Year? If yes, then happy new year again!

Everyday is a new day to start afresh which means failing today doesn’t mean the same thing will happen tomorrow, start again and win again! It’s never to late to keep trying!

Win some, lose some.

You have to keep holding on and keep trying. Let this be part of your new year resolution, once you fail, try again NO mean NOT NOW( which also automatically interpretes TRY AGAIN).

I hope the new year is looking good and you are one step closer to achieving more goals? Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take your goals one day at a time ♥️.


SET A REALISTIC GOAL : One of the things I did last year was set unrealistic goals and trust me they disrupted my many progress, setting a goal you know you will definitely achieve is one step closer.

SAVE MORE : Piggybankng is one app I used in 2018 and I’m still very much interested in, it’s an app that automatically withdraws money from your bank account to your core savings and targets, you can email me question at I will be more than happy to help, also get an offline/physical piggy bank so you can easily save your physical cash/change, those “little” money sitting around and all.

MEDITATE : Reading your Bible, fasting and praying helps but also having some alone time to reflect and see how you are growing and making good efforts (always give yourself credit) help as well, we focus more on achieving goals, working so hard not to be poor but we forget the most important thing which is self growth, meditate once a week and repeat, it’s the best therapy.

ASK FOR HELP : First step to living a good and healthy life is asking for help whenever you feel stuck, no one knows it all, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength and that’s totally amazing.

SPEAK TO PEOPLE : In 2018 the rate of suicide and depression was very high, let’s all do better in 2019, speak to people, find someone you are genuinely comfortable with and confide in them, speak out your problems, accept help and advice, like the saying “A problem shared is half solved”

I hope this post encourage you to do better and be better, life is good when you take calculated risk and set realistic goals.

See you in my next one ♥️

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