Never Knew Yellow Was So Chílí

Yellow Chili was a very calm restaurant, although the crowd was quite massive, my friend and I got a very good spot to dine where she shared some good news, I’m still not over it, congratulations once again baby girl.

Yellow Chili can be located at

Our meal took a long while to get to us and to be honest the Obe Dindin wasn’t what I expected, it might look good in photos but the taste wasn’t as good as the photo…

I wasn’t so happy but my French fries was alot better although the salt quantity was a bit much but it made up the sour taste of the sauce

Yellow Chili have two branches, one on the Island and one on the Mainland, perfect for brunch, lunch and office retreat.

I hope you enjoyed this article?

Have you been to Yellow chili?

What was your experience like?

Kindly comment below your best combo as mine is White rice and stew and lots of beef…

See you in my next one ♥️

2 thoughts on “Never Knew Yellow Was So Chílí”

  1. hi, you need to know how I stressed myself to search for this article. the pictures are beautiful and are definitely assuring me id enjoy yellow chilly when I visit. although I think you could have done way better with the article and the information given. like maybe price, ambience, actual experience, how far the restaurant is from a landmark area and that sort.

    I look forward to your next review.

    1. Hi Tife, I apologize for the stress, however there’s a search engine right above or sometimes below, in case of next time, kindly search the name of each blog post or the category for instance when you search food alot will appear, I usually don’t add prices but I will begin to do so now that you mentioned and will work on other things mentioned as well, thank you for stopping by ♥️

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