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It felt like I was in Paris, I guess I can say that or I can’t… I’ve never been to Paris but you know that good and different feeling you get when you go to a new place, it looked and felt luxurious, I had such a great time and the entire staff, at least the ones I conversed with made sure I was taken care of…

Eric Kayser or Maison Kayser can be located at Bishop Aboyade Cole Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

It’s a Parisian Restaurant now available in Lagos Nigeria.

It’s such a great place to be, everyone is treated so well and that’s a huge thing in Lagos, plus it’s a very affordable restaurant, all the Gelatos are N800 per scoop and the pastries varies from N3000 to N250, I didn’t try their main dish because I already had alot to eat from a different restaurant.

They’ve also got a bar and a wine cellar,

a perfect play ground for children and a smoking section, which is outside the main building, the parking lot isn’t big enough so I will advice you go earlier in the afternoon to secure a good place to park and oh there’s free Wi-Fi.

I had their signature ice cream and coffee flavor, great taste, no VAT or CIT, I had alot of fun and I ran into my faves as well.

No doubt Maison Kayser is my new restaurant in Lagos.

Have you been to Maison Kayser?

Let me know in the comment section below…

Do you like Gelato?

If yes you should totally pay them a visit.

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