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I was so bored on Instagram, was literally surfing through and I came about Produce Junction the name wasn’t so clear at first till I visited the page, I loved it so much so I thought to visit with some couple of friends.
It is located at No 12 Maryland Crescent, Maryland Lagos.
On getting there it wasn’t what I expected, I thought it was a very big space kind of juice bar but it was so small, there were literally just 4 chairs inside the bar, it wasn’t so big and I honestly loved the scenery, minimal and beautiful, it’s the type of place you visit for a quick bite or just to have a cold fruit juice.
I tried the Apple Cinna, golden glow and the unicorn blood, I wanted the chicken panini but for some unknown reasons I didn’t get it.
I had the chicken sandwich instead
Can you peep my new books? I can’t wait to read them, they were gifted to me by my new friend Azeezat Aminu, she’s the best.
Let me know what you think of this new bar in Maryland, finally the mainlanders can explore and hopefully work and eat without going too far or working amongst so many people and having to endure so much noise.

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