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I had alot to eat from an earlier event that I couldn’t dare swallow anything, I’m a major foodie and I’ve never said no to food but to my surprise, I asked them to package my order for take out.
I had suya burger, which had me wondering why my bun is hot and melting?

Burgco can be located at Isaac John, Ikeja,Lagos Nigeria.

Some call it the “Cool kids” spot, I liked the ambiance and the “different” way of viewing the menu (although I found it too stressful).
Aside the beautiful scenery and how easy it was to locate my way, there were some things I didn’t really like about the beautiful yet expensive Burger café.
* The dressing of the burger was a bit rough and I wasn’t sure what was going on.
* For just a burger that doesn’t come with fries or wings, it was too expensive.
* It took them a long while to get my burger to me.
* The menu isn’t versatile.
Bonus : I find it ridiculous that I have to walk to a certain aisle to read the menu, it’s a bit irrelevant and I like the “old fashioned” way of how waiter(s) walks up to your table to hand you the menu.
I also noticed some few things while waiting for my order, like how Dope the DJ was, coming through with really cool songs, they had the cutest backyard, I took a walk (my order really took forever), I was able to snap some really good photos.

They have a very welcoming interior design and staffs, they have really beautiful spots for photos.
They have a sit out outside and a mini bar, if you are like me that doesn’t like too much “AC” the backyard is good for you, it’s painted all white so that’s a yes for me.
I advice you go with your friends so you can ask them to take really nice photos of you.

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  1. You’re the first person to write the real truth about this place. Ambience is okay but my meal was a no for me both in looks and in taste. Menu isn’t extensive and the size isn’t worth the price.I also find it weird that they opted for the chalk menu in this modern restaurants age, really stressful. Didn’t even bother putting up a review lol.

    1. I was a bit skeptical about writing it but really if I paid that amount and still got trash, I think it’s only right I let people know before hand. Beautiful place but not very well organized, thank you for stopping by Whitney ♥️

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