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The Few hours I spent at the house was memorable, although I wasn’t allowed to take alot of photos due to some “policies” but after having a conversation with Mr Josh I was granted permission although at that time I was filled up, I could barely stand, do you know why? No? Keep reading…
The House can be located at 4 AJ Marinho Drive Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

It’s in the heart of Lagos and the ambience is amazing, felt like home, from the warm welcome at the entrance to the cool air-conditioned room, for some weird reason I was extremely hot so I appreciated that alot, the waiters were so beautiful, polite and respectful.
We were served Potatoes chips on the house and it’s so rare in a Nigerian restaurant, at that moment I already knew it’s gonna be my favorite place in Victoria Island.
They had the coolest song playing (you know those kind of songs you don’t know the lyrics too yet you VIBE with, yep that’s what I’m talking about), I loved the lit candles on each tables and a duvet on the cushion so you can “actually feel like you are in your house” … Very thoughtful

Did I mention they’ve got a mini library too? And yes they have all editions of LORD OF THE RINGS and HARRY PORTER, beautiful ambience inside… And it’s just as beautiful outside too, with the bright colored green grass, it reminds me of my rich Cousin’s house, the warmth of “African Home
It took me back to that awesome teenage days when all I ever thought of was sleeping, running around the house and eating food, large portion, I think that’s why I loved THE HOUSE, they served their food in extremely large portion and that brought more memories of my cousin’s house.
To be honest THE HOUSE was a bit pricey but totally worth it, I had their Ofada Rice which cost N4800 it had alot of meat and plaintian in it.

Don’t be deceived by this photo it was actually very much.
My friend had their club sandwich which cost N3500, totally worth it

I had a big bottled water which cost about N1000, I think I will be visiting again, especially to read all the books and feel the warmth again…
By my laughter you can tell I had a great time and trust me when I say this, I didn’t do enough justice to this place because I didn’t take enough photos, so you should totally visit and have a great quite time.

The house is a cool place to be what do you think? One thing though, for a place called THE HOUSE, there should be different varieties of dishes.

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