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It’s my birthday today and I thought why not write a little something and share with y’all…
It’s been an overwhelming year for me, I’ve lost alot and I’ve gained even more, God has been good.
This is the year of doing what I want and doing absolutely good with happiness and love, I can’t wait to unleash alot I have in stock.
My Fashion Brand has also grown and I’m so incredibly grateful to almighty God and to everyone supporting me so hard. Below I’ve listed my best life lessons yet…
23 things I’ve learnt in life :
1. Always be happy.
2. Never assume, ask questions.
3. Nothing good comes easy.
4. God is the only plug.
5. Believe in yourself.
6. Love yourself, you are the SHIT!
7. Life is a journey prepare to fight for what you want.
8. Never take NO for an answer.
9. Working hard doesn’t equal getting rich.
10. No one owes you shit.
11. You have to understand yourself before you can understand others.
12. People always want an honest person but gets upset when you call them out.
13. Don’t be too excited when you meet someone who promises to always be there for you no matter what, because everyone have their days.
14. Pray as much as you worry.
15. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change the past.
16. Apologize more often.
17. Don’t change for people to like you.
18. Live your best life.
19. Love one another.
20. Forgive and maybe forget, don’t hold grudges.
21. Let yourself grieve.
22. Learn from your mistakes.
23. Anger doesn’t solve anything.
I have a good feeling this new age will be so much better than the last.
These are what I’ve learnt in my 23 years on planet earth, I’m still learning and I’m still growing, remember you are allowed to make mistakes but not allowed to make it twice, live love laugh…
Kindly comment below the lessons you’ve learnt in life.

2 thoughts on “23 Things I've Learnt | INSPIRATION |”

  1. I can totally relate to most of the lessons in this post. Can’t overemphasize how important it is to love yourself and live the best life possible. At least to look back and have awesome memories with awesome people. Still learning how to forgive and let go completely. A lesson I’ve also learnt is to be relentless in the pursuit of things that make you happy. Put yourself first sometimes.
    Happy birthday again! 🎉
    Life of Dammy

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