How To Make Good Friends Beyond Social Media : Friends Are Necessary

Don’t always think social media is a playground where you can drop mean comments, hate and disapproval.

Hello and welcome back, it’s been a while, thank you for your love on the last post, I would be posting a life update soon, but first let’s talk about how to make friends and keep them to not only call them in needs but to also keep and support them when you can. 
I’ve made quite alot of amazing friends from the internet, they are all amazing and I’m so blessed to have them in my life. 

  • Be sure it’s what you want :

Most people don’t realize how they hurt people with their actions or choice of words, be sure of the kind of relationship you want with this person before being close. 

  • Be attentive 

It hurts when your friend isn’t paying attention to you and you need he or she to, drop your phone for a while, take him or her out on a coffee or ice cream date, have a profound conversation about life, school and careers, live every moment as it comes. 

  • Speak to one another about their attitude towards certain things .
  • Ask for forgiveness .
  • Love one another without ulterior motives. 

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