Things you should know before starting a business X Happy New year 

Happy New Year Great People of RBJ, I deeply appreciate your love and support from January 1st to December 31st 2017, God bless you all, in this new year, I pray every single one of us would prosper far beyond our expectations, remember hard work and Consistentcy is the key to every success stories, never be afraid to pursue your dreams, fast and pray, work harder and leave the rest to God. 
So it’s been almost a month + since I started ShopRBJ, although I’ve started long before now but I was in school and I had no time to run it full time.
Fast forward, I started again because I wanted to create affordable fits for students and young adults, likewise adults .
For those who are curious about ShopRBJ, it’s a minimal urban street style brand, aiming to replicate top brands for a more affordable fits, adding new aesthetics and making them more attractive and less expensive, I’ve said the same thing twice, I’m sure you understand me, we aim to make things more affordable, you as a student,young adult or anyone shouldn’t have to break a bank to look good and trendy, we are here for you all the time PS it’s made in Nigeria and pure hand made(shoes) others were made by a machine. 
Before starting a brand or anything. 

  • Think about what you want and how to execute it.
  •  Have in mind you may have little or no help at all from your “friends”, for me I was blessed to have great family and friends who supported me all through, it was never a smooth journey, still isn’t but with God, everything is going quite well. 
  • Always be willing to listen to your customers and appreciate their feedback, it develops your brand, don’t ignore it. 
  • Be prayerful. 
  • Welcome criticism. 

I’m still shocked at the rate orders keeps coming in, it’s so overwhelming and I’m grateful so grateful. 
It’s a New Year and ShopRBJ is going to be giving you new designs, new mules and all round affordable fits, we can’t wait to release this particular collection, we worked endlessly hard on this collection, follow ShopRBJ on instagram and twitter to be the first to see the new designs …
Minimal fashion is ShopRBJ top priority. 
Let’s discuss in the comment session below more tips for new brand owners… 

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  1. Great stuff, looking forward to more exciting posts and articles this year. Happy new year 🎈🎊🎆 and have a blissful year ahead.

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